Proactive Teen Review

Guthy Renker Corporation

August 31, 2012

I first used Proactiv at the age of 13. My mother suggested I give it a go, because like most teenagers I struggled with acne. After a year my acne was under control, and I felt I no longer required it, so I stopped using Proactiv for about 5 years. Now almost twenty I my skin started breaking out more often. I first thought the breakouts were due to a swich in makeup. I tried a completely oil free and tinted moisturizer with no success in clearing my skin. I love Clinique products and I was a little hesitant to try Proactiv again, even though it had worked for me before.

I finally gave in and purchased Proactiv. So far I have clearer and smoother skin. But I live in a very dry and windy climate I have found that my skin cannot handle the drying effects of twice a day. What I now am doing is using Proactive in the morning under my makeup and my Clinique three step skin care at night to help repair my dry skin. For anyone who is unhappy with Proactiv because of drying effects I would try this method. When you put great products on your skin, you get great results. Remember to always wear a sunscreen and moisturizer if you need it. Overall I believe Proactive is a great acne product that works very well.

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